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Meet Chef Kendra

Celebrity Cook Kendra Born Kendra Katrice Jackson on September 14th 1977 in Jacksonville, FL was raised in Anderson, SC. According to Kendra, she grew up in food."My first real memory is of me watching my grandma in a kitchen. She was flipping something with a spatula and stirring something with a spoon. Kendra says that cooking is a way of life she was simply born into.

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We believe in thinking differently

Any occasion where people eat Events to remember, that’s our passion. We will impress you and your guests with exceptionally fresh menu ideas, presented with style and customized for your event. Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo We believe in thinking differently

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Over 20 Years Experience

Bringing innovation and over twenty years of experience to your event, we approach your special occasion not as a one-time event, but as the start of a long-term relationship